Web Engineering

With the term 'Web Engineering', we are always looking to do something more than just flat web page designing.

With following all the stages of SDLC we are looking forward to providing user-friendly, durable and stable web based solutions which makes your business grow.

Web Solutions

As per our business of origin we are still looking forward to helping with your website development projects. The experience of more than 10 years in Mobile Responsive Website Designing, CMS Solutions, E-commerce Systems and MVC Based Developments has made us to make your website a best one among the competitors. You just imagine the idea and we will make that a reality under the best practice and industry standards.

API Development

APIs are the core of most modern software systems to empower Lightweight Desktop Applications, JS based Browser Applications and Mobile Apps. We are developing well performing, secured, sophisticated and long running Application Programming Interfaces using modern frameworks and methodologies. "No API - More Confusions"..., if your application wants to be compatible with multiple platforms.

Online Applications

The Internet has become so far and now your Web Browser is the most essential application on the device. With the Compatibility, Easy Accessibility and Flexibility of the web browsers now making a comfortable and powerful environment to build and deploy your applications based on the web. So you may never need to worry again about expensive hardware maintenance or complex data backing up processes any longer.

System Designing

Our application development solutions range from Single device based systems to Multi Tier architecture as per your business purpose. Moreover with the ongoing trends of the cyber tech world, we are also keeping in touch with topics like IoT (Internet of Things), Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning too. We are ready to get on the track with full stack technology coverage once you are ready to begin your journey.

Database Design

A well designed DB is the key to the application scalability and responding performance. Either your system is a small scale or a huge enterprise system, database hierarchy and normalization of data representation is crucial for a well designed application to perform faster. With our ongoing experience we are here to design the best Entity Relationships to keep your data minimal, less redundant and well organized.

The Portfolio