3D Modeling and Animation

We are mostly interested in using GPL based applications to provide economical solutions with maximum accessibility.

We always enjoy working in 3D environments to generate graphics for multiple purposes including animation, architectural modeling, gaming or browser based integrations.

Modelling and Architecture

You are welcome to contact us for any kind of 3D modeling from fancy tea cup to real scaled architecture design. We are here to happily help you with eye-catching 3D models with real world like procedural materials and environmental lighting. Whatever the thing you want to have a computer based prototype before the real project happens, we can build it in a virtual environment to have the real feeling of the end result.

Animation and Rigging

Once the 3D models are ready with proper materials, we can make them animated for video or simulation purposes. 3D animation and rendering is again a little complicated process which needs considerable resources but we are trying to use better ways to achieve good quality outcomes. We are currently working for some upcoming animation projects and you may be able to watch them soon.

The Portfolio