Game Developemnt

Yes, we are new to the thing yet. But we may conquer soon.

There is nothing to wonder about our propensity on game development as the gaming is nothing but the combination of programming with CGI interacting with each other. We are looking forward to going on with some interesting projects in the future and start R&D on Virtual Reality and Augmented reality.

2D Game Development

With 2D gaming we are mostly targeting mobile devices and browser based developments but not limited to them. Our goal is to develop light weight and well performing games with dynamic logics to sustain itself (yeah.., kind of machine learning). We think gaming is not just something totally isolated from the business world. You are also welcome to think of ways to promote your business through a small game too.

3D Game Development

Yeah..! It is always a big thing to develop a nice 3D game for PCs and Consoles. But with our experience in programming and 3D modeling we are currently working to get on the boulevard of 3D gaming with some interesting projects. Our target is to develop and publish less turbulent and mind calming 3D games developed with well performing existing Game Engines. Do you have any suggestions and ideas on this?

The Portfolio